Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas Day

After a crazy family Christmas Eve (see post below) we had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas day. We usually travel to one of our parent's houses on Christmas day and I'd been thinking it would be nice to start staying home in a few years...but suddenly going to someone else's house where there are plenty of people to cook, clean & help watch your children seems like such an awesome idea. Why on earth would I want to stay home and do all that by myself???? Here's a few last pics from Christmas with my parents.

Papa spending 1 1/2 hours putting together Saben's new toy kitchen

Great Grandpa, Pumpkin (the cat) and lots of goodies


Boys playing with cars. (my brother's old hotwheel sets. I looked for something similar EVERYWHERE and could not find one like it for Saben's Christmas present)

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