Thursday, January 24, 2008

How Annika Eats

Eyes spot spoon, mouth opens, hand reaches
Grab - give me the spoon!
Spoon wrenched from mommy, shoved in general direction of mouth
Rice cereal on face, eyebrows, spoon finally reaches the gaping hole
Sideways, upside down, cereal in, cereal out
Spoon is sucked, chewed, mangled
cereal is swallowed, thrust out in clumps and slides out stealthily on a river of drool
Suddenly its over, the cereal has been dispersed and the spoon is quickly tossed to the floor
Mommy reaches for it in slow motion...noooooooo....
it hits the floor, bend over, wipe clean, wipe baby, baby cries for more, start second bite
while noticing burning dinner on stove, whining toddler and husband home, ready for a hug

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