Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas 2006

The pressure, the pressure. After reading everyone's beautiful Christmas posts, I was all ready to write mine, complete with pictures of all the wonderful gifts we received and gave, filled with mush and loving sentiments. Within a couple days I had about ten more important things I wanted to write about, but couldn't until I did the christmas post. Completely overwhelmed, I've avoided my blog for the last 1 1/2 weeks instead.

We did have a wonderful Christmas and I was so excited for the first day of opening gifts with Saben at my parent's house that I could barely sleep. Saben liked opening presents at first, but quickly tired of it and would actually try to escape the commotion by going downstairs or into another room. He received so many lovely toys & cute outfits, he has been handsome & entertained all week. Just for my own memories, here are some of the gifts he got.

From us:

His first bike (a "pvc glider")
a bike helmet (probably his favorite gift, he plays with it and wears it throughout the day)
a small starter wooden train set
a toy motorcycle (another favorite, he actually carried it around hugging it)
A dashing little driving cap
Plus a book, some cute clothes, etc.

From G&G Voelker:
Big yellow dump truck (he likes to sit in it)
a tool bench toy
cowboy boots and a cute outfit
and more....

From G&G Young:
mini table & chair set
animal train
and more....

His aunt betsy also made him this cute orange hat with turtles:

Half a dozen cinnamon rolls, crab/scallop/shrimp cioppinno, prime rib and tons of cookies later, we happily headed back home with our loot and lots of fun "2nd Christmas" memories with our son.

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