Thursday, January 11, 2007

13 wks

Thanks for all the congratulations on our pregnancy!
I made two great discoveries this last week that have really cheered me up...

1) Swan pills. Don't ask me why they are named after a bird, but I finally asked my doctor if I could try those pills that are supposed to make your nauseau go away. I hopefully only have a couple weeks till I feel a lot better, but being "car sick" for 2 1/2 months straight, followed by one of the worst weeks ever last week and I suddenly thought "Why wouldn't I just try those pills?" Sure enough, they did the trick within an hour and I have only breifly flirted with nauseau the last 4 days. They do make you dizzy-ish and sleepy though, but still.... life is a lot better with them.

2) Belly Bands. I found one of these at Motherhood Maternity for $16, it is a stretchy lycra band that you put around your waist to keep your pants in the right spot. It is wide enough to fit over your whole belly near the end, but you can also just fold it over & keep it low. I am right at the sticky spot where nothing fits and so the band made my day. Just think of it as a belt for pregnant ladies.

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