Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Insane son

Somewhere along the way I think Saben inherited the "memorization" gene from one of his grandpas. Actually, I'm fairly decent about memorizing things myself, but Saben is obsessed with it. As I predicted a month or so ago, he knew his numbers 1-10 by 21 months. He doesn't know what they mean and can't count, but he recognizes them all perfectly now. And he has colors & shapes down pat.

The real shocker came this week when he pointed to the "M" on Kyle's shirt and said "mmmm". Thinking it was a lucky fluke, we asked him where the "S" was and he pointed it out. We had NO idea he knew any letters besides ABC.

Then at a friend's house he started pulling letter magnets off the fridge & seemed to know "R", "G", "E"..... So now we are working on the alphabet and he's not even two, just crazy. He actually gets tired and won't do letters sometimes, I think he prefers to learn them slowly on his own.

Just so you don't start comparing your kid with mine, let me tell you that he knows hardly any adjectives. We've been working on "Big" and "Little" and he doesn't really understand it yet. It seems like most kids this age know more adjectives than just "Heavy". Actually, we don't have any friends up here that are his age exactly so its kind of nice that I never get to compare him to anyone.

On an ending note, my son is the cutest thing in the world. He just gave me the funniest look... ahh. See I don't even try to describe how cute he is because I just can't even begin to do it justice. Everytime I think I should write a lovely post about how much I love the little guy, my mind goes completely blank - how on earth can I put any of that into words?

I was thinking about this a lot lately, because I always worry that people think I don't care about things. In reality, the more I care about something the more silent I get because I just feel in awe of it. And nothing I could write or say would do it justice. I remember after watching "Shindler's List" I couldn't talk for 2 hours because there was nothing to say that wasn't trite or silly.

Ok, I need to go play with my adorable crazy son because he is pestering me ruthlessly.

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vicky said...

Do you have a Trivial Pursuit champion in training?