Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas part 3

Every year I worry about whether or not my husband really has any Christmas spirit at all. As he throws around comments like "I hate Christmas stockings" and "No, I didn't put any bows or tags on your gifts, I hate wrapping gifts, you're lucky they're even wrapped" my blood pressure mounts. (of course I've already wrapped his with color coordinated paper, written sweet gift tags & put bows on every one)

By now I should have learned my lesson because in actuality my husband is a better gift giver than I am. He loves to spoil me and not only that, he loves to pick out things that aren't even on my list. Every year I wuss out and give him some money for his big gift because he always wants things like "car stereo speakers" that I feel completely inadequate buying. I usually come up with a few non-list items, but most of the money goes towards things I know are a sure bet.

Meanwhile, he has gone to one of my favorite boutiques and had the sales lady help him pick out a gorgeous necklace. He goes to REI and buys me the nicest rain jacket they have. Somehow he finds the cutest dish towels I have ever seen and never knew I needed that match the kitchen perfectly. One year he even did some work on the side and gave me ALL the money to spend on myself.

So yes, my husband actually is amazingly sweet & thoughtful, even though he complains a lot about all the Christmas trappings. And I can even love him despite the UGLY mustache he refused to shave the minute I told him I hated it.

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Shauna said...

I love it. You are awesome! Wish we lived closer though...