Thursday, January 11, 2007

2006 - year in review

Jan 2006
Tore apart our kitchen on New Years day in preparation for our big remodel. We'd only been in Bellingham for 4 months and had just moved into the main level of our house after spending the first 2 months remodeling it. We spent New Years Eve with just the three of us and our new years resolution was to have our house looking decent enough and make enough friends to throw a New Years party the following year.

For some reason I was delusional enough to think we'd be done with the kitchen by now, but instead I cooked us some Valentines lobster tails in the toaster oven in our living room. The toaster oven saved our lives for the next 2 months & I got quite handy at cooking with next to nothing.

Saben turned 1! We had the party at my moms since our house was still a mess.

We finally moved into our kitchen this month after near disaster pouring our concrete countertops. It all turned out and I innaugerated our new kitchen with crab & shimp fettuccini.

Hmm.... I went to a great plant sale.

We said farewell to some friends moving to San Francisco, took a trip to Vancouver to buy some Indian spices and spent some lovely days on sunny beaches in town.

Had a crazy 4th of July party of totally random people including some good friends, a pastor & his wife who were friends of the previous couple that we had never met before, some new neighbors who showed up completely drunk and another neighbor who had the worst potty mouth ever. We also found out that the corner in front of our house is the best place in the neighborhood to watch the city fireworks show. Saben kept waking up and we finally got him down to sleep after midnight when our other neighbors decided it was time to START their fireworks. Needless to say, it was a long night. We also went to our first Cam Burnes crab feed and I nearly went into shock as we stuffed ourselves on the freshest yummiest crab ever. I think I also started this blog that month! Oh, and we took a trip to Whistler to watch all the jolly bikers at crankworx.

Went to family camp, nearly drowned in the river and all got food poisoning. By the end of the month, our summer was over and kyle left us for a two week trip to Europe.

Kyle came home for two weeks and then left again for a two week road trip to Las Vegas - Interbike. I flew down for a couple days to visit with Kelley which was fun, but overall Kyle's traveling sucked

Kyle was home! We celebrated by ripping out our backyard and getting pregnant! Out came the chain link fence, up went a new wood one. Out with the sad compacted sod, in with the giant backyard mud pit! Out with the back stairs, in with... nothing yet. Saben was a disco boy for Halloween.

Still working on the yard... Found out we were pregnant & managed to actually keep it a secret. Took a weekend away to Vancouver without the boy and saw new baby Lila. Put in our back stairs and then the patio over Thanksgiving break, right before the snow storm hit on Sunday.

Finished our patio, wind storm snapped a 4x4 post on our brand new fence, but at least we didn't lose power for weeks like everyone in Seattle. I was sick feeeling and exhausted most of the month, but the christmas festivities helped it go faster. Spent many nauseous days at the Children's museum which was free this month. Kelley finally confronted me on my pregnancy by pointing at my belly and shouting "What is that Kari? Are you pregnant?" I denied it at first, but then gave in so she wouldn't feel too bad. Told the rest of the family at Christmas. Spent most of the break cleaning & organizing our house. Woo hoo!

New Years 2007
Managed to throw a new years party with lots of new friends in our cozy remodeled house.


Andi said...

1. I am so glad that the Swan medicine is making you feel better!

2. I am totally going out this weekend and getting myself a Belly Band.

3. Your kitchen is so beautiful. Definitely worth all the stress of the remodel.

4. And I know your backyard is going to be awesome too because you are the best gardener ever! Or at least out of all my friends :)

Happy Friday, friend!

vicky said...

Yay! Even Lila made it into your year in review! 2007 should be good with #2 coming.

Kristen said...

an incredible year for you guys! you are such a great writer, kari. thanks for sharing the highlights of 2006! i'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

misha said...

Obviously Andi is a bad friend, b/c we all know my garden is FANtastic.