Friday, December 22, 2006

Kari wears Prada

1:32 pm, December 22nd - last Christmas gift bought and paid for, I am done!

Earier this week I was so overwhelmed with everything left to do before Christmas. I had a house to clean, tons of gifts left to buy, parties & playdates to go to, all the wrapping... and I didn't really feel like budging from the couch.

I would love to say that some lovely magic moment returned my holiday spirit - but unfortunately my knight in shining armor was the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". There's a section of the movie where the heroin (uh...that can't be the right word? or do you spell both the drug and the female hero the same way?) is rushing around like mad meeting the whims of her "devilish" boss.

I think it was supposed to be a negative thing, but as I watched her run through the streets in her stilettos, looking fashionable, carrying bags of herme scarves & calvin kline skirts, it actually looked like a whole lot of fun. Oh, to be able to look stylish AND accomplish 20 or more tasks a day, keeping lists, your brain pumped up to remember every last detail, adrenaline flying... Its a far cry from entertaining an almost two year old, let me tell you.

But it inspired me to get my house cleaned in three hours and my shopping done in four and with each swoop of the credit card, I felt a small sense of accomplishment.

Now isn't that just a beautiful Christmas story?

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