Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Round two

Forget food poisoning, my slight suspicion that it could have been a flu virus came true as saben woke up this morning in a puke crusted crib. For some reason he didn't wake us up, but he must have had a busy night...

There goes the week!
Funny, we had just been talking last week about how this week was the busiest one we've had all summer, plans every night. So much for that.


Andi said...

Oh, Kari!!! I am so sorry! With our road trip plans this weekend to visit Erik's family I am really glad that I didn't watch him on Monday...Hang in there, friend!

misha said...

Towels - as many as you have.

Cover his bed with them, you with them, everywhere you sit holding him with them. Because washing a billion loads of towels is so much easier and cuddlier than washing a billion loads of sheets and clothes you've had to strip and re-make and re-dress respectively.

I layer the house with them everytime we have a puke-fest. I even put them on their floor, b/c I discovered I hate scrubbling puke off the floor.

It makes puking kids seem less scary!

(And to think, I could get paid for that above written soliliquoy if I had just mentioned Bounty.)

misha said...

or soliloquy - whatever.