Monday, August 21, 2006

First Kisses

It was a busy week, with no breaks for mama. Kyle worked all last week in the evenings and all weekend building us a beautiful, thrilling new giant wood fence. Privacy at last...for half our backyard. Part two will go up hopefully before winter. In the meantime I spend my days daydreaming and plotting about the lush paradise I can now plant next to the fence.

Saben was also busy last week, or at least on Thursday night when he a) kissed his first girl and b) threw his first sharing related temper tantrum. After he obligingly gave Audrey a goodbye kiss on the cheek, she squealed, waved her little arms around excitedly and then lunged for him, ready for some cuddles. She is so cute! He wasn't quite as excited about the hugging part as she was and cried when her little arms wrapped around him.

Earlier in the evening, they had both wanted the same toy, several times. Despite being 6 months older and bigger, he didn't use his strength & manliness to his advantage. No way, instead he gave up, laid down and cried his little eyes out. It was hilarious.

A day later, he also tried to kiss Linus, but Linus didn't cooperate. Saben would move in with his lips and at about 6 inches, Linus would take a couple steps back with a worried look on his face. (Linus is 3 months older & has a couple crazy older brothers he protects himself from)

So much kissing... and of course there's no way his mama was encouraging it just for her own amusement. Never.

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Andi said...

I love that are kids' first kisses were with each other! Although, I must say that I think Audrey is way more into Saben than he is into her...