Monday, August 21, 2006


If the usa had more flavors of potatoe chips, I think Saben might eat a greater variety of foods. If it is on a chip, Saben will try it. Yesterday he was gobbling down Salt and Vinegar chips. SALT AND VINEGAR. I can't wait to give him Jalepeno chips. But I was thinking that if we were more like Great Britain and had trillions of odd chip flavors for him to try, we might be able to introduce all his new foods in chip form. Beef and Cheddar chips. Shrimp chips. Chicken and onion chips. Pickle chips. (Yes, those are all real flavors or at least similar flavors to ones I saw in the UK)

For the record, I don't usually give Saben chips, he goes and gets them out of the cupboard himself.

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