Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Freedom of Choice?

I just learned the craziest thing ever from my friend in Vancouver, BC who is pregnant. She went in to get an ultra sound and the technician WOULD NOT TELL HER the sex of the baby. It is their policy to never, ever tell. Why you ask?

Because certain populations were aborting female fetuses after they found out. So now no one is allowed to know the sex of their unborn baby...but they can still kill it if they want.

My friend did say that a lot of technicians will tell you even though they're not supposed to. Hers wouldn't though, so she's screwed.

I'd love to hear a pro-choice person's opinion on this. Suppose you lived somewhere where female fetuses were routinely aborted because everyone wanted males. Do women have the right to abort based on sex? How would you stop them without taking away everyone elses rights? I don't know why, but I've never considered this topic before.

Update: I just read this long, but interesting article on the topic of sex selection in general, particularly in implanted embyos, but also covering the history of the philosophy in regards to aborting based on sex.

Speaking of woman's rights, my friend Misha just got me entirely riled up with this article. you should go read it, although once again, it deals with women's boobies.


misha said...

I know, I had several friends up there that told me that. I think it's staggering. Imagine that in the US - personal rights, freedom of information and all that. It's like it's China only in reverse.

btw I heard that the woman booted out of Vicky Secs was actually nursing her baby in a changing room and they still kicked her out. Can you believe it?

I, too, am really fascinated with the concept of how women's worst enemies are other women. I've actually worked on writing pieces about it for writing classes.

It leaves me somewhat speechless, though.

Andi said...

That is so crazy! We chose not to find out Audrey's gender when we were pregnant, but I can't imagine not having the choice...I guess people a long time ago didn't have the choice either though...

I know that you are not allowed to find out the gender of your baby in places like China and India where girls are not valued in the same way. But I had no idea that places like Canada had the same laws. Interesting...