Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Technically, this should go here, but I have to tell you how in love I am with Mache. On a whim I bought the outrageously expensive bag of greens (lettuce?) at Haggens because I have always wanted to try it and if I like it, I want to grow it. Plus I treat myself well during weeks like this.

Anyways, I love love love it. It is packed with nutrients like spinach, but so much tastier. I love pan frying a piece of meat (like a couple sea scallops & jumbo prawns), creating a pan sauce (like a lemon/wine/caper picatta sauce) and then putting the whole thing on a bed of Mache. Some of it wilts & some is still crisp and it is so yummy.

Ok, I'll admit, I've done this three nights this week. The scallops/prawns w/ picatta, Salmon w/ picatta sauce, and then tenderloin with a mushroom sherry sauce. I'm addicted. And I like to treat myself well when I'm working hard. Except then I have to work harder cleaning up my mess. And then Saben is done eating by the time my food is done and he throws books at my plate while I eat. Oh well. Thai takeout is yummy too.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to you - on our date last night - I tried it intentionally. Love it.