Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pasta Bella

Pasta Bella is the answer. For everything. And it is where Kyle and I met. The pictures are of the Queen Anne restaurant where I used to work. The brief story for those of you who haven't heard it 200 times, is that kyle came in and started hitting on his waitress.

Ok, the slightly longer version is that he was sitting at my table. He was out with his friend's family (sister, Dad & Dad's girlfriend) although his friend wasn't actually there. This guy, John, the Dad of his friend, is a real crack-up. He likes to set strangers up on dates. No joke. They had just gone to the home show and John had tried to set up everyone, just to entertain himself. So I'm waitressing and John goes "you look like a nice girl, do you have a boyfriend?" And of course I'm trying to earn a tip so I just laugh and tell him I don't right now. So he starts brainstorming everyone who he can set me up with. Meanwhile, Kyle is sitting there just laughing. I leave to get their food and Kyle goes to John "What about me John, I'm single". So I come back and John starts in "This is Kyle here and he just told me he's actually single. So let me tell you about him.... He just graduated from western with a business degree...blah blah blah. " Long story short, I gave them my number because I thought it was all a joke and also because during the conversation I managed to find out Kyle & I went to the same church.

We saw eachother at church Sunday & I went up to talk to him, then he called me Tuesday, we went to dinner at the twin tepees on Thursday (even though I'd already eaten. I lied and said I hadn't) and that was it. I don't think I'd ever dated a total stranger before, so that part was strange for me, but it just felt so right from day one, like we'd been together for ever. And then we fell madly in love and lived happily ever after.

The crazy part is that neither of us were supposed to be there that night. I had tried desperately to go home early so I could go to this missionary information meeting at SPU and was in a funk because this jerky lady made me stay. (ask me sometime about how God seems to "screw up" all my plans to go be a missionary. If I want something like say, a husband or kids, all I have to do is go "God, if I don't get a husband I'm going to go be a missionary."... and he's like "No! Stay, here's a guy for you!") Kyle had gone to the melting pot originally but the line was too long, so they ended up at Pasta Bella. And it was pretty random he was even out with this family anyways, they just called him on a whim.

So that's the story! Next time you're in Seattle you should try Pasta Bella, their food is usually fantastic. Just ask me & I'll tell you what to order. (they have a Ballard store too, which used to have more consistent food. But the queen anne store has a balcony which is nice during the summer)


Andi said...

I love your story. So romantic and unique. I love hearing how God brings people together.

Dad V. said...

Can you let me know if you get this? I tried to post a comment earlier, and it doesn't seem like you got it.