Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th of July

We had a really fun fourth... went to a friend's for yummy breakfast, went hiking (in the sun!) and had a BBQ with a bunch of new Bellingham friends. The best part was that we have a PERFECT view of the city "Haggens" firework display from our living room window/front yard. About 15 people from the neighborhood gathered on the sidewalk in front of our house to watch. Our neighborhood was literally booming, I have never heard/seen so many private fireworks going off at once, ever. Saben woke up at 9:30pm from all the noise, which was sort of fun because he loved the fireworks, and then again at 11:30 when our neighbors were JUST STARTING their hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks right outside his bedroom window. I have also never been in a neighborhood where people are lighting fireworks until after midnite. I was trying to be patient, I really was, but when Saben is screaming at 12:30 pm because he is so exhausted, it gets pretty tough. Thankfully, we all survived.

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