Thursday, April 09, 2009


First, there was the raincoat Grandma Young gave her. She always seemed to want to wear it, but I ascribed this to her love of puddle jumping that usually took place in the coat. Then there was her ballerina skirt. She always seemed to pull it out of the drawer when she went to find something to wear. Give a little hop & dance when I pulled it up over her leggings. Smooth her hands down over the tulle.

Then last week, we got some serious joy from these saucy pink silk pajamas. They had been in the drawer for a while, but I hadn't let her wear them because they are so light-weight and it was winter. This particular night, mommy was out shopping and Annika came running out with the terribly light-weight pajamas at bedtime and handed them to Daddy.

Thinking nothing, absolutely nothing, about the flimsy warmth giving qualities of the pajamas, he helped Annika into them. And she went nuts, smiling, laughing, touching them. Sooooo happy. Now she always pulls them out if they catch her eye and often throws fits if we don't put them on, even if its the middle of the day.

Last night, I bought Annika her first pair of dressy sandals so she'd having something to wear with her Easter dress. This morning I wanted to try them on to see if they fit, and they did not leave her feet for the rest of the day. She was running, jumping, laughing, pointing at them, saying "shoes!" over and over. It was so adorable and she kept at it for an hour.

Then I tried to take them off before going to the park. It quickly became apparent that this was NOT going to go over well, so I quickly gave in figuring they had to get broken in sooner or later. I tried again at nap time, and gave in again as she screamed and wailed. Decided it was worth getting a picture of the princess napping in her precious shoes.

We did finally remove them tonight before bed, but she was screaming, wriggling, writhing even, huge sobs of despair. It was heartbreaking. Trying to get out the door to where they were, we could barely get it shut.
The annoying part is that the sandals are already looking scuffed from just one day of wear. Stupid cheap target shoes.
The amazing part is that she has never been this attached to anything - no toys, dolls, stuffed animals....
Speaking of dolls, she has been playing with this doll I got her a lot and seems to really like it, but its so funny....some nights she wants it in bed with her & on other nights she screams and holds it out to me yelling "doll! doll!" and I have to actually remove it from the room before she'll calm down. Just had the throw that tidbit in there.


Shauna said...

Okay first of all, socks and sandals (had to point that one out).

She's ridiculous!

You just mentioned 'easter dress' - am I a bad mom for not even thinking of getting an easter dress for my little girl? I guess it doesn't really matter since Pete doesn't think we should go to church on easter since it's going to be packed and this last sunday I ended up in the nursing room in the bathroom for most of the service. But easter dress for my little girl...I'm starting to feel guilty!

Kari said...

Hey, it was cold! Socks keep your feet warm...but they do look a lot cuter without socks.

I can't even remember what Annika wore last year for easter. If I have a cute dress or dress shirt already, my kids just wear that, I don't buy anything special.

This year, Annika didn't have a single summer dress yet (because who knew she'd be in 2T by January), and we have a wedding the end of the months, so I decided it was worth buying one. Saben just has a cute short sleeve dress shirt & his khakis from last year since he hasn't grown a ton.

Jen said...

Love the shoes. What size is she in? If you need a dress let me know we always have dress in 2T or 3T right now. I could mail you one if you needed it. :)