Friday, April 03, 2009

Generally, Annika spends about 75% of her day in wet pants and goes through 2-3 pairs of pants each day. This girl loves water and is constantly dousing herself in it. A few of her favorites:

She loves to stomp in puddles, run through puddles over and over, throw rocks in puddles... and my favorite - sit in disgusting muddy puddles. We went to our favorite nursery the other day and it was cold, rainy and she would not stop sitting down in the puddles - IN HER TIGHTS & skirt. I had dressed them in rain boots & rain coats, but somehow didn't anticipate the sitting down. It never seems to bother her either.

Water dispenser
So just when Saben has finally reached the age where he can go get a glass of water for himself from the fridge door dispenser - Annika reaches the age where if you leave the dispenser unlocked for even a few minutes, she'll find it, fill up multiple cups, put things (like sandwiches) in the water, dump water from cup to cup and finally dump it on the floor & splash around in it. Awesome.

Cups of water
Annika loves drinking from cups, but usually spills most of it down her shirt. I can't tell if it is on purpose or not because I usually start doing something nearby while she drinks.

I'd love to continue, but you get the general drift and the kids are fighting over the plunder from Saben's preschool easter egg hunt. Oh joy.

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Poks said...

Looks like you have a fish on your hands. Potential careers: wetland biologist, hydrologist (the crappy engineer route), oceanographer, or marine biologist. Be proud.