Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Screams a lot.

Definitely entering the terrible twos, albeit a few months early. She has an opinion about how everything should be done and if I don't do it exactly right....she screams. (and by scream, I mean full on SCREAMING. Not fussing. screaming.) If I've done something to particularly offend her, such as say....put away the milk before handing her her milk cup - she shrieks, lays down, kicks her feet and screams some more. Or if I forget to immediately zip/button up her jacket - another fit. Definitely her first stage of trying to assert herself and the last couple weeks have been exhausting.

Laughs, runs, falls down, jumps, dances. You name it, she loves it.

Loves to copy her brother. Yes, they fight a lot, but they also are playing more and more "games" together with Saben telling her exactly what to do. Sooooo cute.

Climbs onto my lap with a book everytime I sit down. It took a while, but Annika definitely loves books now and would spend all day reading them if she could.

Makes a huge mess a million times day by poking, pushing, grabbing & spilling everything. She is always getting things off the kitchen counter (saben hardly ever did this) and is just a bundle of exploratory mess making energy.

Is definitely the clown, she tries to make us laugh all the time and loves it when we laugh at her.


Loves preschool & playing with kids his age

Talks constantly about absolutely everything, especially Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & rockets.

Asks questions about absolutely everything I say or do or that he sees.

Copies his sister whenever she is making a fuss so that he can get some attention too. (yes, he screams too)

Sings Chitty Chitty Bang Bang all day everyday. Even loudly as we go through the grocery store.

Is getting really good on the glider bike he got for his birthday. He loves going down the huge (5 ft tall) dirt jumps at Daddy's work and is so confident on it. He rides it all the way downtown with us and back home with no problem. (1.5 miles roundtrip) We love that thing.

Has eaten Salmon, salad shrimp, pork pupusas and steak in the last couple months. He also likes green beans, which mommy has almost never offered him because it was the vegetable I hated as a child. However, even I enjoy fresh ones sauteed with garlic.


Has been gone a ton - 4 out of the last 6 weekends including a 6 day trip to colorado.

Won his first ever downhill bike race and placed 3rd in the next one.

Is so hot and good looking.


Taking care of the kids by myself a lot

Declared "taking a break" on our basement remodel to protect our bank accounts and sanity

Planting our veggie garden & coddling my tomato starts

Helping others with veggie garden plans and my parents with a new landscape design.

Planning all the family vacations for this summer & some fun stuff for our anniversary. So sick of looking at calendars, cabin rental sites, camping reservations and hotwire. blech.

Joined a gym (in february) and loving it

Dreaming up crazy ways of making money (that would be fun for me), now just need to pick one and go for it. (write a book? become a professional blogger? garden consultant?) Or not.


amy said...

love this little update, kari! i love how you always capture the realness of things, and have a healthy sense of humor to get through it all with stamina and grace. :) i'm sorry we didn't get to see each other when you were in town this past weekend. hopefully sometime in the near future.

Shauna said...

I too love your updates. I wish I was a better blogger. If you become a professional blogger can I hire you to write my blog posts? ;P

TheFiveDays said...

A lot of Saben reminds me very much of my Natalie. I think they'd have a great time together. Or kill each other. They'd definitely not stop talking...oh, what joy she would feel to find a friend who loves to talk as much as she does! ;)

I vote for garden consultant. Yours rocks and you obviously love it!!


Tiffany said...

I love your description of Annika's screaming moments. And that you mentioned that "dad" is hot. a nice touch. :)

Tiffany said...

p.s. I think you should be a gardening consultant and come right over to my house. I long to grow things...successfully. I need a guru!