Sunday, April 05, 2009

First of all, Annika is scared of flying bugs. Extraordinarily scared. Or maybe just ordinary scared, I haven't really compared her to any 1 yr 9 month olds other than saben. (he was also scared, but ordinary scared) But...If you heard her, you'd think she had fallen and broken her arm. First...blood curdling screams. Full on screams. Then hysterical sobbing and sobbing as I hold her and comfort her until she finally calms. This happened about five times today and I can only guess what the neighbors are thinking.

Kyle was gone this weekend, 2nd weekend in a row. (for a bike race in port angeles....he got first place last week in Spokane and 3rd place this week. Woo hoo! Except really, he's just there to network, he's not a serious racer. thank goodness.) Yesterday, we went to the farmers market and Saben rode all the way there & back, all by himself on his new glider bike. It was really fun, even though the market was incredibly chaotic & crowded. I did score some leeks, shitakes & mizuna which I used for dinner tonite. More on that later.... The kids scored honey sticks and donut holes. My hair also scored some honey stick when Annika waved her honey hands in my hair.

The rest of the weekend was blissful under the warm spring sun (in the 60's...for the record when I read this later and have forgotten the awesome springy-ness of this weekend) We went to the park, I got to do some serious yardwork & lawn mowing....

Then tonite I was enjoying my filet mignon (on sale at haggens!) and sauteed shitakes & leeks with truffle oil on top of a bed of mizuna when Saben says "There's poop on my train tracks!". Oh bother. Sure enough, Annika's diaper had leaked & the goo was on her hands, on Henry The Train & on the train tracks. So I took a little break from my beefy feast & immersed myself in the poo cleaning. But the best part was sticking both kids in the shower and finishing my dinner in the bathroom. Yum.... Sipping red wine, finishing off my steak, while the kids splashed in our rubbermaid tub, climbed into it - swamping the bathroom & then drank the water they were sitting in. That's always sooooo cute.

And then somehow I was in a good enough mood to give the kids popcorn, let them stay up late watching CARS and wait for Daddy to get home so they could give him hugs. Am I an angel or what? Too much sun I guess.

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Sounds like she takes after me! Definately check out