Monday, March 23, 2009

Some days, I feel inspired to run ahead of the parking ticket person (did they ever get a new name besides meter maid?) and stick a dime in each parking meter that is empty so no one gets a ticket.

On other days, I watch someone get a ticket from "The Interceptor" (the little parking meter car has this in big letters above the bumper) and silently cheer that some lazy good for nothing finally got what they deserved.

Other days, I get stuck behind a Sherwin Williams truck and wonder for the 100th time why anyone would want to cover the earth with paint, why does it look like blood and lastly, why on earth do they still use this slogan that is so weird, even if it is their original one from eons ago. Then again, it did cause me to give them free advertising on my blog. Brilliant.

From Sherwin Williams:

"Our historical logo is one of the most recognized company logos in existence. Created in the late 1800's, the logo's purpose was to represent the company's desire to help beautify and protect the buildings of the world. It was a symbol of a young company's enthusiasm, idealism and hope regarding its future and the possibility for achievement that hovered on the nation's horizon. Over the years our "Cover the Earth" logo has become a figurative emblem signifying integrity and service."

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Sarah said...

Eww, I totally agree! Every time I see that thing it makes me sick. Seriously, way to coat the earth in toxic nasty that looks like gore. Good for you!