Monday, March 23, 2009

mirror mirror

Oh the joy of having a bathroom mirror for the first time in 10 months. I almost forgot what I looked like. Our friend built us this mirror and it is absolutely gorgeous. It made my day to get it hung up today.
If you look on the bottom of the counter, you will notice my husband's dirty q-tip. Apparently he believes that just because I have not purchased a suitable trash container, he can just leave them willy-nilly on the counter as he pleases. It is super gross.

On another gross note, I was reading back in my blog from last year, trying to remember when we started our bathroom remodel and I noticed that I TALKED ABOUT POOP ALL THE TIME.

Thank you for sticking with me through the potty training phase, I was grossing myself out just reading what I wrote back then. Why on earth did I tell everyone that I used prune juice to make saben poop? And that it was messy to clean up? GROSS!

Speaking of which, we started Annika sitting on her potty seat this week and I'm really hoping, praying, begging for an easier time this go around. Otherwise watch out, this blog will be filled with poo again before you know it.

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TheFiveDays said...

LOL...I am cracking up over the q-tip. It'd be the same story here!

I'm good with the poop stories. I tell too many of them myself.