Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hand holding

I have always thought that if I were "rich", right after the live in housekeeper, I would want a personal shopper/stylist. Someone who knows my style and brings things for me to look at & pick to buy. My own personal curator.

Nothing makes me more miserable than a day of fruitlessly shopping - not seeing what I am looking for, or finding it but it being way out of my price range. Or post children, going out and having none of the styles looking familiar at all, let alone something I might actually wear. (embrace the leggings kari. you can do it!)

Anyways, I usually just give up and don't buy anything, especially when it comes to furnishing our house. So I was delighted when Orange Poppy volunteered to come up and help plan our basement colors, carpet, furnishings etc.

We spent a fun rainy saturday pouring over pictures, hitting up the fun stores here in town and she filled my head to bursting with fun ideas to give our space some character. While the husbands cared for cranky kids who wouldn't nap. Thank you husbands! I am so excited about what we have planned!

But then yesterday I went to pick the final carpet color and realized that somehow the neutral color I had planned did not match the rather neutral wall color we picked. (the gray carpet was too blue and the blue/green had too much yellow in it) And I wished she were back, full time, to hold my hand for the entire process.

Do I do a totally different carpet color? (beige instead of gray?) tweak the wall color? (but then it might look exactly like our bathroom we just did) Spend an extra $700 to get carpet in a better color? (we are buying dirt cheap carpet, so a slight step up isn't all bad...unless our basement floods again) Seriously, what is my problem? Why is this so hard? I guess that's why design centers exist - for people like me that get completely overwhelmed by all the choices.

Wish me luck and someday when we finish all this I'll post a photo tour. Still waiting for the bathroom towels I want to go on sale, then I'll post the bathroom tour...

Oh and I forgot to mention the 3 hours Kyle & I spent "thrifting" on Sunday. We came home with exactly one rather funny rabbit figurine for .99 and that was it. Obviously we need some training.

And now I've officially used up my boring rambling quota for at least 1 1/2 weeks. sorry about that. : )

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