Monday, March 02, 2009


How to know you've got a great friend:

When your childless friends let you wash sheets with throw-up all over them in their washer & dryer. (because your washer & dryer were unhooked just 4 hours before you child decided to vomit all over her bed.)

When you friend loads the not-too-vomity but still yucky crib bumpers into the wash for you.

When your friend looks in her washer and see chunks inside that did not magically wash away and picks them all out herself instead of calling you over to do it. (and you feel like a complete moron for not shaking the sheets out somewhere before washing them)

When your seriously crazy friend also folds your kids clothes for you instead of just shoving them into the laundry bag.

Thanks Vale (and Abe), you are awesome!


Rebekah said...

ahh, those are the best of friends.

Levi totally barfed multiple times on my friend Claire back in January and she just hoped in the shower with was the kindest and most humbling thing..during the shower Simon puked on my bed :)

sorry I haven't emailed you back yet, Chris was gone this weekend and I got the flu..I am totally in, love the pictures and we just need to plan a time for us to come up in the next few weeks!! I will be in touch!

hope everyone is feeling better soon, puking is the WORST!

TheFiveDays said...

THAT deserves a medal of some sort. I love kids, but washing someone else's kids' barfy stuff out would be a test! Keep those friends! :)

Vale said...

Wow- thanks for the air time...I know you'll reward me somehow! Just about watching my dog while we go on vacation!