Monday, March 02, 2009


On Saturday we went down to meet lovely Miss Hailey. After a brief meeting, the uncles and grandpa managed to get Saben & Annika wound up completely out of control with plenty of screaming, laughing, yelling - luckily poor Hailey slept through the commotion. (The hyperness may have had something to do with the 2 hour car ride followed by milkshakes too)

We couldn't be more excited, it is so fun having babies around to cuddle! Shauna and Pete were beaming, despite lack of sleep and she was pumping out the aura of "wow, I did it, I delivered this gorgeous baby all by myself". I love the self confidence that comes with that sort of childbirth. (birthcenter, all natural, no complications. Read here if you want the full story.)
"Where's the baby Annika?"


TheFiveDays said...

Seriously, you are killing me with these amazing newborn pictures!! He is so precious and calm looking, what a sweetie. And I am in awe of the all-natural birth. She SHOULD be proud of herself! Beautiful pictures.

D said...

So darling! And heartfelt congrats on the birth too- from someone who wants that chance as well! :-)