Monday, October 27, 2008

Shoe trouble

When Saben was Annika's age, his favorite game was kicking me in the gut when I changed his diaper. Annika on the other hand prefers to kick vigorously the very moment you are about to finish tying her shoes.

She sits there pleasantly while you get the shoes on, watches you tighten the laces & start your bow...and then bam, her little feet go nuts, kicking all over the place while she giggles. How on earth does she know how funny and annoying this is? I suppose she's punishing me for buying lace up shoes, but who can resist pink converse? It did cheer me up when she did it to my mom, its pretty funny watching it happen to somebody else.

My goal this week is at least one post per day because I need to get back in the habit of short & sweet posts on a more regular basis.

1 comment:

TheFiveDays said...

She sounds so cute!

And yes, I vote for more short & sweet posts!!