Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Saben - 3 1/2 (plus a month)

"I'm ready to go to Grandma's house mom" (that is exactly what he said)

It feels like forever since I did a real update on the kids, or maybe its just that they've changed so much in the last couple of months.

Lately, Saben is obsessed with drawing, painting, cutting, gluing etc. Everyday, markers, paint & scissors are his toys of choice. He will spend a full hour messing around with art supplies on his own. On top of what he does at home, it seems like he does at least 2 different art projects at preschool each day he's there. We have a huge stack of art in our kitchen and I'm at a loss as to what to do with it.

Saben made this house in preschool and when I saw it, my mouth dropped open because I can not figure out how he got the perspective correct. I have never seen him draw something with perpective so either a) he's a genius b) it was a fluke or c) the teacher had an example with perspective and he copied it. I asked the teacher if she helped him and she said no, but I wouldn't put it past him to copy a sample exactly. Who knows

Saben also loves rockets. He's spent quite a few hours drawing & then cutting out these pictures of rockets. He always asks to watch space shuttle launches on YouTube and counts down to launch all sorts of things. The other night he was pretending his carrott was a rocket and he was doing the countdown & dropped it on the floor. Roxxy ran over and ate it and he kept asking tearfully "Why did Roxxy eat my rocket?"

Like any obsessed 3 1/2 year old, he is full of every fact he can remember about space shuttles & rockets and will tell you all about the booster rockets and to watch out when it launches because the fire can hurt you.

Saben loves to joke around with nonsense words & saying the wrong word for things. He has also learned that it is funny to keep doing things even when someone tells you to stop. (thanks kyle) We are working on fixing that, but its hard to not feel like a spoilsport when he is laughing so hard.

Learning how to repair a chimney. He loves this book.

The only time Saben is really naughty is when Annika is getting too much attention. And she is a super huge attention hog - I'll write more about her later, but every day I have to really focus on making sure I'm not just attending to her needs because she is the loudest. Often Saben will join in screaming with her or will start mimicking the naughty things she does so that he gets attention too. Sigh.

I guess he also likes to refuse to do things I ask or do them super slowly. And he is super persnickety about his sister touching anything he is working on or has played with in the last 6 hours. They fight a lot, as is normal. But they are starting to have fun together every now & then, making funny faces, running around, etc.


Andrea Elliott said...

The first picture of Saben is really too cute! It made me laugh out loud when I read that "he was ready to go to grandma's house."

I also thought that the anecdote about Roxy eating the rocket ship was priceless!

Anonymous said...

WAIT!!! Which grandma? Now I'm scared.
signed Grandma Young

TheFiveDays said...

This whole thing just had me chuckling, maybe because I also have a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old!

First, LOVE the "going to Grandma's" shot. That is a keeper!!

Second...WOW! You have a little architect on your hands! Building houses (awesome job!) AND studying up on chimney repair. Amazing and super cute all at the same time!

We've got a lot of kiddie art around here too and what I've started doing with a lot of it is scanning it or taking a picture of it and then tossing it. Some special pieces I am keeping as-is, but the pictures are easy to store and make me happy to look at later. :)

I am so sorry that Saben lost his rocket to Roxxy. That must have been a heartbreaker.