Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A day in the life

It's been one of those long days. The ones where your husband calls right after you climb out of bed to tell you a contractor is on his way RIGHT NOW to come work on your heating. While you are on the phone, your daughter is screaming in her crib, because she hears your voice and KNOWS you are awake and ignoring her.

Right after you get in the kitchen with your daughter, who woke you up in the middle of the night last night & drank a bottle to help get back to sleep, then peed 20x extra which soaked through into her pajamas and left a wet spot on your hip where you held her....I digress.

In the kitchen, holding pee soaked daughter, the phone rings & its the lady giving you a tiling estimate and she wants to chat about a couple things. And the other contractor is on his way still and you are still in your pajamas & have icky sleep mouth and your daughter now smells like poo too. And now your son (whom your husband already fed before he left) wants another bowl of cereal and says it over and over while you struggle to hear the lady on the phone.

Finally, change the baby's diaper, get her a bottle, get your son more cereal, put on some pants and see the contractor pull up. Quickly brush your teeth before he comes in and hope there's no mascara smeared under your eyes. Discuss project with him while your baby starts yelling for her bowl of cereal. Look at the clock and realize you need to leave for playgroup in 5 minutes if you want to be on time.

Arrive at playgroup 45 minutes late, but have fun for 45 minutes till its time to leave. Lunch, preschool drop off, baby naps & FREE TIME AT LAST! Which means its time to mow the lawn before it rains tomorrow. But first the contractor wants to chat for another 20 minutes. Pick up your dogs poop in the yard, then go pick up TEN PILES of everyone else's dog's poop scattered around the side & front yard. (decide to try writing a nice note with chalk on your wood fence, reminding people to pick up after their dogs)

Actually manage to mow the entire lawn, but no time to do your workout or anything else (except to grab 15 minutes to figure out what your brother is naming his child and then gloat because you broke the world speed record in deciphering his clues), its time to go pick up son from preschool.

Go get dog food on the way home, but first return call of yet ANOTHER CONTRACTOR to get their estimate for tiling. (begins to dawn why people hire general contractors for remodels) Actually really have fun looking at the animals with the kids, engage in brief tussle with daughter over her carrying "rodent berry treat" bags around the store. Give up when screaming ensues, feel guilty for giving in, especially when you find the bags in her mouth a while later.

Home again, son is in the mood where he asks 5-10 questions per minute and your daughter is in the mood where she wants to be held/played with constantly and cries everytime you try to make dinner. Son wants you to help him make a rocket by taping together toilet paper rolls, chopsticks & a piece of cardboard. Who are you to stifle his creativity?

Take a brief break where for the first time in your life, you hide in a locked bedroom and eat candy for two lovely minutes while kids bang and yell at the door.

Pull out the defrosted salmon and it nearly disinigrates in your hand into a pile of mush. Thanks Trader Joes, apparently meat is just not your strong suit. Husband home, eat dinner, try to catch him up on what all the contractors have been saying, but your son keeps telling him random fragments from the plotline of our BOZ the Bear movie and has to be reminded not to interrupt at least 17 times.

Baths while husband cleans up kitchen, stories while husband takes a shower and put both kids to bed by yourself so he can go have his night out "with the guys".

Feel guilty because you are already missing your goal of writing on the blog every day this week, decide you better write SOMETHING. Mind is a blank even though you had at least 20 good ideas on Monday. Decide to write about your day, which was quite crazy, yet seems to be this crazy at least 1-2 times per week if not more. (for example, the day you got your son ready for a Halloween party a week early)

Wonder if posts needs pictures. Decide you've done enough already.

Thank goodness tomorrow is my night off.


amy said...

kari, this is brilliant! obviously my life is a far cry from what you experience every day, but i loved reading it. thanks for having a good sense of humor about it all.

Vale said...

Well, I was secretly just wondering if you really did hide in your bedroom and eat candy for 2 minutes. Sounds like something I might someday do but never admit to. Was it chocolate or some other candy?

TheFiveDays said...

LOL! I love this. Every mom (well, with more than one child) reading it knows EXACTLY what you mean. I loved the part about hiding out with your candy bar while listing to the pounding fists on your door!! Been there... ;)