Tuesday, July 03, 2007

2 weeks left

Well we made it through the full moon, but I did have a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions Saturday night. I don't remember having this many with Saben, so it sort of freaked me out. I told Kyle the next morning I figured I had a 50/50 chance of going into labor Saturday night. Notice I told him "the next morning". Am I a sweet wife or what? No sense keeping him up all night with me.

I don't remember being this exhausted with Saben either. With him it just seemed that I was cruising along and all of a sudden the baby was here (a week early). This time it seems my energy level gets cut in half every week and the last 4 weeks are significantly different/harder than the rest of my pregnancy.

I've had a few nights of awful insomnia and that really wipes me out. Its not that I'm uncomfortable, I just can't sleep. Then every afternoon I'm ready to pass out from tiredness, but by 10:30 pm I'm sort of wide awake again. yuck.

The other day Saben was asking for a railroad crossing and I said something like "maybe when your sister comes you will get one". Somehow I thought it would appease him and he'd forget about it. Ha! Saben's new favorite sentence is:

"Baby come out of mommy's tummy and bring Saben a railroad crossing. AND LIGHTS!"

So the search is on, the store we went to yesterday didn't have any, but we will continue to look.

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