Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Annika & Saben

From the get go, Saben has acted unimpressed with his new baby sister. He immediately was able to say/learn her name, which was cute, but today he asked when Annika was going to go home. I asked him "Where is Annika's home?" and he says "At the hospital". Poor kid, he has no idea....

A couple days after being home we were finally able to get him to "hold" her for the first time, but it definitely was not his idea and we sort of forced him into it.

The first time he seemed sort of interested in her was when she had her eyes open and turned his direction. "Annika's looking at you Saben" I said. And his eyes lit up and he actually came over to see her. Then I convinced him to let her hold his hand and he liked that as well.

This week we've progressed to stroking her head and Saben likes to tell people "Annika's head is soft". He does seem to be warming up to her slowly but surely, he even asked to hold her this morning!

Saben has also been quite the miscreant lately. When the grandmas are around he's pretty good, but I swear they walk out the door and he instantly falls apart. It's especially hard because I can't force him to do anything or even put him in time out because of my c-section. He now yells "NO!!" to things he used to do without complaint and screaming fits at my creative punishments (putting away his train set) are quite common.
He's been driving kyle crazy especially, I think it might be a bit hard to have an injured/emotional wife, a newborn and a screaming toddler to deal with all at the same time.

But... things are actually getting a lot better, we had a really good day today - our first without any help whatsoever! I went to bed nice and early, we stayed home all day and I got creative by singing nursery rhymes & reading books with Saben while nursing.

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Shauna said...

It was great to talk to Saben for a second last night. It was very nice to talk to you too! :) I want to come up and visit again soon.... :)