Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I was amusing myself the other day by imagning myself proudly posting pictures week by week of my just barely, very very slowly returning to "normal" post pregnancy body - just like everyone does with their growing belly.

Very modern/feminist of me, yes? I am not saying it'd be pretty, just sort of humorous. And also kind of like that one website Shape of a Mother I mentioned last year. Even as an "old pro" (not quite), there is nothing so shocking as looking in the mirror for the first time after giving birth.

Don't worry, if I can't manage to take weekly pics of my growing belly, I'm certainly not going to pull it off with my shrinking one either.


Jenny said...

Please, please do this! Maybe I'll get on board and post some post-wedding photos. I've literally gained 8lbs in less than 5 months!

Amy said...

You didn't take pictures of your growing belly? Shocked, truely shocked. Now you have to have another one. ;) Just teasing, I still have baby weight. And you know she is going to be 8 in two months . . . . so what do you do, take pictures forever?