Thursday, July 12, 2007


How we've been passing the time:
  • 2 hour meals of fresh caught dungeness crab in the cool evening air on our back patio. (speaking of which, I killed my first non-insect creature today! Quite a long way for an ex-vegetarian to come...)

  • Watching Saben poke ants with sticks while we enjoy our crab. Who ever thought a child of mine would take such delight in killing things. Then again, I did kill a crab today...four of them in fact. And yes, we would have eaten all four if it weren't for my tiny baby squished tummy. But leftover crab for tomorrow is divine as well.

  • Picnic dinners at the lake, me swimming in my giant tent suit but feeling so wonderful to be weightless and cool.

  • Lounging in the kiddie pool with Saben in the backyard, squished into my bikini because even the tent suit felt too hot, praying nobody unannounced showed up.

  • A fun trip to Lummi Island where we lounged on the beach, had fish and chips and had to run for our ferry.
  • Reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and spending way too much time daydreaming about someday spending a summer eating my way through Italy.
  • Trying really hard not to get depressed when my 5 minutes apart Braxton Hicks don't go anywhere.
  • Finally getting some wonderful pregnancy pictures taken by Vale. (see below)


shawn said...

The picture with your tummy and Saben is awesome!! If that doesn't get you to scrapboo, I'm afraid you might be hopeless, Kari! just kidding. It was nice to see you at the park concert.

Kristen said...

you're gorgeous, kari! what wonderful photos. and i think your writing in the post below makes perfect sense. i appreciate your honesty and your positive outlook on your upcoming delivery. we have been thinking about you all so much, and talking about you often as your day approaches! we're praying for you!

vicky said...

I like the pictures Kari! I kinda wish there were some pictures of you in 1)the tent suit and 2) squished into your bikini. That would have made for some exciting blog reading this morning! :D

Anonymous said...

I thought that tent suit was cute! :)


Jenny said...

Wow, that one with Saben is absolutely adorable.

This is going to be great. Can't wait to see photos of your little girl.

Rachael said...

How did you escape stretch marks? The pictures are beautiful. Does Vale do it just for fun? She did a good job.