Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's News in Review

I decided I'm going to start posting a little news reviews so you can come to my blog each day to find out what is going on in the world. Here's the summary from Komo News for today:
  • Local: Lots of people died in awful ways that will all flash through your mind everytime you contemplate letting your child do anything besides sit in a chair. (maybe the floor would be safer. In a locked safe. Why can't we deposit our children at the bank? What a great idea...!)
  • Sports: Seattle sports teams aren't doing very well
  • Weather: Its raining and stormy with some sunbreaks (actually that was probably the top news story)
  • Nation: Everyone's mad at politicians

Who am I kidding, just read this every day for your news fix, I'm not posting it again.


Anonymous said...

Or top of my news today - it's the first day of Spring and it snowed. Big fat hairy flakes.

Almost as depressing as where to keep your kids safe.


jc said...

Not that I am a huge fan but you seem to be forgetting that the Seahawks have been a pretty good team for the last two years. Made it to the superbowl two years ago and at least the second playoff game this year.

Krazy8z said...

Love it. This sums it up perfectly!