Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks. First of all, if anyone had told me last night I'd be wearing a tanktop and applying sunscreen today, I would have told them to shut their trap. But what a wonderful morning (the sun left around 1pm) and it is still 60 outside! It is actually warmer here than it is in San Francisco which is where we're heading in a couple days to visit some friends.

Last week we had house guests for five days - our friend Nancy & her two kids. For some reason I was filled with a ton of energy for the first few days and flew around making dinners, muffins, cheesecake.... I really don't know what got into me. But Thursday rolled around and both her kids got sick & were just miserable/crying for much of the day. I felt worst for her having to handle it all, but it definitely drained me too. (what is it about crying kids that just sucks the energy right out of you?) By Friday Saben was getting clingy too and when we all climbed into the car to ride to the airport the silence was such a relief. But overall we really had fun spending the last few days with them before their move to Arizona and Saben loved having kids around to play with all the time. Every morning he is still asking "Abbey and Ethan upstairs?" Poor guy. Oh, and don't worry Andi, I bawled my head off once we pulled away from the airport.

Saturday we attended the lovely wedding of our friends Jeff & Jenny after spending the night with Kyle's parents and attending his cousins bridal shower. The wedding & reception were so beautiful and it was so wonderful to see all our "old" friends again. Unfortunately I felt like a complete potato, I was so tired and drained from non-stop people time that I could barely carry on a conversation. Kyle more than made up for me though, what a chatterbox. : )

Sunday my family came to visit to celebrate Kyle & my birthdays just a bit early (I'm 30 on Monday!!) and we had a nice lunch & got an awsome gas patio heater to keep our BBQs and late night partying toasty this summer. Saben loved seeing Todd & Betsy again and first thing the next morning he says "Bye bye Todd and Betsy".

Tomorrow is our ultrasound and then we leave for a short vacation to San Francisco. Phew!!!
After all the excitement, I'm going to be bored out of my gourd when we get back. Except then there's Saben's bday to plan. Save the date.... party time 10am, March 24th!

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