Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Seasonal Mood Disorder

I think that's what its called, you know, where you get depressed in the winter because of a lack of sunlight and supposedly most of Seattle has it? (and the NW)

Back in the days when I was a student or worked in an office building downtown, I would pat myself on the back for being a NW native and not suffering from SMD. All my whiny california transplant friends would moan and groan about the lack of sun and how awful it was. Thank goodness I was used to it and it didn't bother me, in fact I barely noticed the rain. Quite a trooper eh?

I think the reason I was previously immune is because I was always stuck at work or studying or scurrying around and was not COOPED UP IN THE HOUSE WITH A BORED TWO YEAR OLD.

Oh, how things change when you are a stay at home mom. Rain is no longer a minor inconvenience. It still has its charms, don't get me wrong, but the minuses increase substantially. All my coats are filthy from picking saben up when he has muddy feet. Extra clothes to change, more time standing in the rain trying to get a squirming kid into a car seat, set up strollers, etc. Not to mention the lack of indoor "Rock in Water!" opportunities. (Saben's favorite thing in the world is throwing rocks into water, especially on the beach)

All this to say, it was gorgeous today and my mood was fabulous. I got a ton done. Yesterday it rained ALL DAY, I was in a crummy crummy mood and was unmotivated to anything but sit on the couch. This has become a common pattern despite my Native NW ancestory.

So be careful when you think you love the rain & don't mind our weather. Try being at home with kids in it for a few years first. At the very least it will temper your judgement upon us whiny folks who long for the sunshine.

Here's to lovin the sun!


Jen said...

I have lived in WA all my life...you should know, but the winter just makes me said when it rains....I want snow and lots of it or Sun! I really don't like the in between. At least we have sun today in Issaquah.

Jen said...

But the sun makes me not be able to spell Said = Sad :(