Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Birthday Madness

March 12 (me), March 26 (Saben), & April 3rd (Kyle). For 4 weeks, it is birthday bonanza around here...thank goodness our next one is in July.

Last week some sweet sweet friends threw me a suprise party. It was three days after my actual birthday and on a Thursday evening so I didn't expect a thing. Until Kyle told me maybe I should change my ratty shirt before we went to dinner at a friend's house. But even then I brushed the thought aside and had completely forgotten about it by the time we reached our destination.

It was such a treat to be surrounded with so many friends, both old & new and wonderful to see everyone for a few hours. Thanks to Andi for cramming everyone into her house, to Vale for organizing everything and for everyone else who showed up to help us celebrate. And to my husband who somehow thinks he gets LOTS of credit when all he did was invite people. (ok, fine he does get some credit because he did a great job & so many wonderful people were there)

Saben's party is on Saturday and I love having it that day since he was born on Sunday just after midnight. It seems so strange to celebrate his birth on a Monday when all my memories are of going to the hospital on a Friday & laboring on a Saturday. So tons to do to get ready and lots of relatives in town this weekend. My grandmother from Texas is even flying in for a visit, so we'll be pretty busy making sure everyone gets their Saben time.

At some point though, I hope to write a little Saben List so I can remember what he was like at 2 years old.


Anonymous said...

That is just like our family! All four of us are within two weeks...and I was last! I'm glad your party was a suprise! ;)


jc said...

oh uh happy birthday... belated i guess and happy birthday to Saben.

Jen said...

You even told me and I forgot! Happy Brithday a little late! Hey tell Kyle happy Birthday his is the day after mine!