Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pregnancy update - 20 wks

I just felt like making note of how the pregnancy is going and particularly all the details I can't seem to remember from being pregnant with saben. Here goes.

I started feeling "baby" kick right at 17 weeks and its slowly been getting stronger. I felt it before that actually, but I wasn't positive it wasn't gas until 17 weeks. I can sometimes feel the bumps with my hand, but I think Saben was a lot more active. I remember thinking that it was really early for people to feel him and even maybe being able to see him move during my ultrasound. But I'm not positive... Now I am thinking my parents didn't feel him till thanksgiving which would have been about 22 weeks. Beats me.

About 2 weeks ago, I started noticing a change in my circulation (more tingling) and slight swelling in my ankles. Ugh! That started me worrying about pre-eclampsia (aka Toxemia, hypertension) since I had a bad case of it with Saben. I've started doing a prenatal yoga video which seems to help the circulation issue a lot. I hope the exercise will help prevent preeclampsia as well, but no one really seems to know how to prevent it, except for the guy who swears by eating 12 eggs in 12 hours. GROSS.

That's about it. I crave different things all the time, but salt is a big one. I had sushi, edamame and miso tonite and feel so great. For some reason gorging on sushi always feels wonderful afterwards. Like I'm full, but not sick & I'm full of energy. Maybe it was the oolong tea actually. I'm in love with the oolong kyle brought back from taiwan. mmmm....

Oh, and citrus - I've been making fresh lemonade & limeade constantly. Its good though, I'd rather have a glass of lemonade (lots of lemon, lots of sugar) than a bowl of ice cream....

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