Monday, November 06, 2006

Yummy Donuts

Also on my mind....
Last week I read this post and then this one. It just thought it was interesting to think about them at the same time, because both are so true.

Then the pastor we heard speak on Sunday drew an analogy about spritual food and junk food. Something along these lines....

God gives us a lot of donuts in our life. They are delicious and are meant to be enjoyed. But if we only eat donuts, we will get sick & die. When you get hungry, you need to eat nourishing food, not just rely on donuts for a quick sugar high and relief from your hunger. So our spirit gets hungry and many of us turn to movies, food, walks in the park, whatever to satisfy our hunger. These things are great in themselves and will satisfy us momentarily, but only God nourishes our soul and keeps it healthy.

It's nothing so profound, just what I needed to hear right now so I thought I'd share.

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