Monday, November 20, 2006

This weekend, we had a wonderful weekend away in Vancouver while Saben stayed with my parents. It was much needed and not doing home improvement work was bliss. The weather managed to clear up enough for some long walks through town, our hotel was perfect (The Metropolitan) and we even managed to go to a movie in a theater for the second time since Saben's been born. (We're not really big theater goers anyways, but its fun occaisionally.)

All the romance was great and all, but one of the best parts of the weekend was meeting our friends, Jon and Vicky for dinner Friday at Wild Rice. Vicky was pregnant, due Dec 6th, but was a good sport about trooping all over downtown with us. They headed home late Friday with plenty of jokes about Vicky being sure to have the baby before we went home. In fact, we had made so many jokes about it, that when we got a text message on our phones Sunday morning saying the baby had been born, we didn't believe it. When they finally told us it was a girl named Lila (or Lyla?) we believed them. We got to go visit the newborn & exhausted mommy that afternoon. Ah.... I love newborns. So fun.

It was crazy up in Vancouver, all the rain had caused mudslides that ran into the drinking water resevoirs. They had gotten so muddy that the plants weren't able to purify the water and it was coming out of the tap brown colored and undrinkable. The whole city has to boil its water, for at least a week, maybe two. Crazy! Just makes you realize how much you take water for granted.

Well we're home now, and I am excited for the holidays. Nothing beats coming home from a vacation and only having a three day week ahead of you. Too bad we're headed back out to work on the backyard all T-giving weekend, one last time (?) and most likely in the pouring rain.


Andi said...

I'm so glad that you guys had such a relaxing weekend together! We're hoping to do something like that ourselves one of these days...hopefully before June!

Good luck finishing your yard! Do we have playgroup this week?

Vicky said...

Lila Madison. We're home now! Thanks for visiting. She was happy to meet her friends!