Monday, November 06, 2006

One last plug

This I loved. I heard the whole Ted Haggerd thing this weekend and I think my response was along the lines of "Oh great, there goes another one. How embarassing". Not that I put a lot of thought into it, just what sort of flashed through.

I was also involved in a long, heated conversation this weekend about what the bible says is right and wrong & what our response (as christians) should be when we see things that we believe are wrong happening in other christians, non-christians, politics, etc. I left feeling confused, upset, frustrated....

Then I read this. These two lines breathed so much clarity into the mixed up jumble in my head, but the whole article is outstanding:

"What if we didn't just bring meals when someone has a baby, but also when they make headlines? "

"...I kept thinking all day about what church would look like if we all stood with those who blew it and said, "Me, too."

- Misha Thompson

Now this is all great when someone admits they screwed up, I suppose the harder part is when someone isn't willing or doesn't believe they have screwed up. When do you have the right/responsibility to confront someone about sin you see in their lives? Yikes.

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misha said...

If you can do it with tears and with love. And with a prayerful sense of timing. And if you have people saying those things back to you, too. And if you aren't unforgiving of ways they've hurt you. And if you are their friend and will still love unconditionally.

Just some random thoughts off the cuff.

What do you think?