Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday - Nerd Day!

What is the nerdiest thing you do? Time to confess nerds....I know who you are and that you are reading this and you better comment. What is the thing you do that you absolutely love but also know is pretty nerdy by most peoples standards? Feel free to be anonymous if you are truly that embarassed. Or write about it in your own blog, let me know & I'll link to it.

I am a plant nerd. I generally even annoy people who actually like plants. My favorite website is now that Heronswood has become corporate and moved to the east coast. Each year I spend hours reading about the plants they offer. They collect crazy plants from all over the world and I get really excited by it all, honest. It helps that the owner throws in witty comments to his plant descriptions and the covers of the print catalog are hilarious.

The last few days I've been reading through their entire online catalog, page by page. Here is one of my favorite pages, you can see the menu bar on the left that has all the plants alphabetically on about oh... a hundred pages?

I am a huge sucker for large perrenials and colocasias are awesome. How can you not love a plant that grows several 5'x4' long leaves in one season? I have been dreaming of Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum 'Illustris' or a Thailand Giant in my yard for quite some time now. The Lillium page is another favorite in case you are not already bored out of your mind. A seven foot tall fragrant Lily? AWESOME!!!! (Lilium formosanum - see below)


Papa said...

Some people might consider recreational math nerdy, but you just don't understand. When you're stuck in the car for a couple hours, what better way to spend your time than mentally calculating your average speed, estimated arrival time, how much sooner you'd get there if you drove 1 mph faster, how many seconds between mileposts at that speed, etc. If God didn't want us to spend our time this way, He wouldn't have given us timer functions on our digital watches.

misha said...

I want so bad to think of something.

Krazy8z said...

i like to read your nerdy blog, so that makes me kinda nerdy, right?


haha! love you!

Vale said...

I'll openly admit it. I am a word nerd. Not only does it rhyme, but I think it is fun too! I love writing and reading but above all else I love knowing the meaning of words. I look them up whenever I can. I love debating with my husband over the true meaning of a word and I receive's word of the day. I also like knowing the etymology of a word, where it came from. To me it is fascinating to know that a word came from the Middle French word and now means something entirely different. If that doesn't qualify for nerd of the week, I don't know what the heck will! Party on nerds.

34 + 10 said...

Is what Vale said nerdy? I thought that was normal.

But then I think fascination with seven foot tall lilies is beautifully normal, too.

Nerdy is single people who shower and go out whenever their heart desires and spend three hours getting dressed and putting their make-up on and looking like their age and not their age plus a decade and.....

Oh no wait. Now I'm describing nerdy bitter, huh? What is the Middle French origin of that?

Kristen said...

kari--we didn't know that you have a blog! looking forward to checking in with you guys this way.

please feel free to visit

hope you guys are doing well! i'm guessing i'll probably see you at the shower this weekend!

take care,
kristen g.