Friday, November 24, 2006


Maybe all kids do this at this age, but lately Saben has been really into seeing things in his food. He'll grab a little chunk of bread and turn it around and suddenly decide it looks like a boat. "boat?" "boat?" "boat?" .... He repeats it until you agree and confirm that it does indeed look just like a boat. But then he'll concentrate some more and suddenly its a car...a bus....
Granted, most of those things have a somewhat similar shape, so who am I to quibble with him?

The best was when he stuck half an english muffin on his head and called it a hat.


Vale said...

Sometimes I think the minds of kids are so amazing because they are not concerned with whether or not what they "see" is truly real. I suppose that is why having a childlike faith is so precious. It is not concerned with what is socially acceptable or what is "right." These are days you will cherish when he laughs at you because you tell him, hey look, remember "hat?"

misha said...

L. sticks whiskey on his head and calls it fun.