Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sad Sad (for plant addicts only)

While doing some research for my next blog post, I came across this article and it actually made me cry.

From the Seattle Times, May 31 2006

Fans of Kitsap County's internationally acclaimed Heronswood Nursery — which is credited with putting the Pacific Northwest on the horticulturalist's map by introducing thousands of exotic plants from around the world — are about to suffer transplant shock.

Horticulture giant W. Atlee Burpee & Co., which bought Heronswood in 2000, told employees Tuesday it was shutting down the Kingston nursery and moving the research and retail operations to company headquarters in Pennsylvania. The company said it will retain the Heronswood name and catalog and will continue to offer a similar variety of plants.
For the founders of Heronswood as well as the thousands of gardeners who visited the lush nursery over the years, the news was devastating.

"This has been like dealing with a death in the family," said Daniel J. Hinkley, who began Heronswood with his partner Robert Jones nearly 20 years ago. "We're sad because we believed in Heronswood and believed it was more than just a nursery. We were trying to contribute to the horticultural community and the community as a whole."

You can access the entire article here. (registration required)

FYI - Heronswood nursery includes a 15 acre private garden filled with 10,000 plants from around the world. It is the most amazing place to wander through & now they are selling to ....??? Who knows. Burpee president said they may put a retirement home or condos on the site admist the gardens. Very sad. Boycott Burpee!

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