Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My little Angel

I just want to record for posterity the fact that this week has been the hardest week yet with Saben. I have been working on "weaning" him to only nursing twice a day, in the morning & night, so maybe his recent crazy behavior is his way of punishing me. Also for the record, Saben has shown no signs of letting up on nursing till now. He's been a strict four times a day guy and I finally decided that was a bit much for a young man his age. Anyways, we have been at it a week now, and he seems to be adjusting pretty well except he's suddenly extra clingy & whiny. Luckily he's also been extra cute playing in our pool & splashing around, trying new words like "baba" for Grandpa (or is it Grandma?), and watching his face light up when he hear's Daddy's voice on the phone. But there's a few things that have been driving me nuts

1. He decided to start waking up at 6 am the last 3 days in a row.
2. He just wants to be carried everywhere all the time
3. He wants to go outside all the time. If I even go out to get the mail, he throws a complete fit if I don't let him out to play. I can't go near any doors, otherwise he gets disappointed. But when I do let him out, the joy on his face is beautiful.
4. If he's not whining for me to hold him, not screaming to go outside, then he's playing peacefully... and making a complete mess of my stuff. Like 145 ziplock bags spread all over the kitchen floor, 3 different sizes for me to sort through. Or hiding my night mouthgaurd that costs $400 to replace somewhere in the house. I have looked EVERYWHERE for it. Unpacking the bag I just packed. You get the idea.
5. I take him somewhere fun like the park and he sits and clings to my legs the entire time & won't play
6. I drive all the way to Everett while he naps in the car so that I can shop at Trader Joes and he screams nearly the entire time we are there.

I know, this is normal behavior for a kid his age. I'm not complaining.... just recording it. : )

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Andi said...

Kids are so crazy. Seriously! Just when you think that you have them figured out, they throw you for a loop! See you tonight!!!