Thursday, June 01, 2006

I think Saben is going to be a very tidy boy, just like his daddy. Today he took my towels down & put them into drawers. They were sticking out, just kind of shoved in there, but the pleasure it gave him was quite obvious. He also put all the dishwasher tablets into the recycling bag with the beer bottles. Very helpful. Kyle has taught him to hold bottles and blow across the top of them. He hasn't gotten it to make the fog horn noise yet, but I am sure it is just weeks away. Then watch out, none of our beer bottles will be safe again.

I think I just need to get all these cute things he does out of my system, I think I want to write about other things too, but I need to get this all down. Let's see, what else....

When saben eats crackers, he holds them quite daintily and lifts his pinky way up in the air. We have pictures of this and I am sure we will taunt him with them through much of his adolescence. If I was cleverer, I would stick a photo of said behavior right here.

Oh, and today I saw a car with an Alabama plate right next to a car with a Maine plate. How odd is that? What are the chances? It rocked my world.


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