Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Most Embarassing Moment: Part One

The other night we had company and my worst nightmare came true. Out of 6 people who were over, only one couple does not have kids. The guy in this couple is particularly grossed out by things like dirty diapers, drool, etc. On this fateful night, he decided to go use the bathroom. Not only had I forgotten to flush the toilet after Saben's nap (he often wakes up when I flush it so I wait till after his nap) Saben had dropped his favorite CD, "Unmasking the pope & the catholic system", into the toilet to join my merry waste. Now, I am sure you are all wondering and NO, I did not go #2, THANK GOODNESS.


Betsy said...

I googled "Unmasking the Pope..." because I didn't know what it is, and your blog shows up, like, 4th on the results page. You're famous! And your kid is way more hip and intellectual than I am. :]

nancy said...

Kari...it is amazing the things that only make sense to parents...we too have to leave the pee waiting in the toilet until our little ones awake...do all babies wake up at the sound of flushing?