Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Saben sock hands

I hate June. Ok, not really, but it's such a cloudy month around here. I'm always ready to go hiking on the sunny days, and then we call the ranger station & find out the snow hasn't really melted off the trails yet. But we decided to give it a try yesterday anyways because Kyle had taken a day off. In the morning it was sunny here in town, but by the time we got to the mountains it was cloudy, and by the time we started hiking down it was pouring rain. And poor Saben was with us. Luckily he was well bundled & had a rain cover on his backpack, but his hands were freezing. So I took off my sweaty hiking socks and put them over his hands to keep them warm. He wasn't thrilled by it, but I like to think it helped. As a bonus, I found out that hiking with no socks isn't so bad.

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