Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You think Saben is funny...try this

My friend's daughter, who is the exact same age as Saben says the funniest things ever. This one is my very favorite:

On Christmas Eve we attended my parents' church and the church of my youth. The pastor invited all of the children up for the childrens' story. About 20+ kids sat politely on the stage and the pastor began to speak about "baby Jesus being born".

Then without invitation, out of the quiet, we hear Leah's voice loud and clear.

L: And then Jesus died! Naked!
Pastor: Um, yes. He died later.
L: He died with the bad men!
Pastor: Yes, that can happen. Bad men do die too.
L: And my Mom's grandma died.
Me: (by now I'm in tears)
Pastor: (continuing on with her lesson) And, Jesus was born in a manger.
L: And, my Mom sings, Away in a Manger!

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Andrea Elliott said...

Oh, so funny! Both Saben and your friend's stories.