Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines memories

On the way to the zoo

Saben: I don't like our car. It's ugly. It's black, I don't like black, I want a pretty car.

Mom: What color car do you want Saben?

Saben: I want one that is painted lots of colors. With rainbows...Two rainbows, one on each side and one on the front of the car. And smiley faces, one on each side.

But a mean face on the front with fire around it! And railroad tracks on the back of the car, tracks on each door. That's what I want.

At the Zoo

Saben: Mommy, where did Daddy go?
Mom: He went to go see what stall number we parked our car in, we forgot to check.
Saben: I saw a number behind the car, it said 6...9....6. Nine is an upside down six!
Mom: uh.....really? Was that what it said?
( it worth the risk? Kyle has a 5 minute walk back to the car, but could Saben have really memorized the number?)
Mom on the phone to dad: Kyle, what number did we park in!?
Kyle: 696
Saben: nine is an upside down six!

On the way home from the zoo

Mom: Saben, what was your favorite animal at the zoo today?
Saben: I liked the Rabbits.

During Dinner:

Kyle: Why does homely mean ugly? It should mean someone you want to come home to. I like that word. Why does it have to mean ugly?

Just Now:

Kyle: Hey Bloggy mommer, get off the computer!


Jenny said...

you have a funny family Kari...and apparently a brilliant son! but I think I already knew that.

Shauna said...

We loved the valentines cards we got in the mail yesterday! Thanks!! :)

Sarah Weeldreyer said...

Ok, I'm breaking from my blog stalker modus opernadi to say, 'OMG! He's a genius!' And maybe he should work for his daddy and design rad colored bikes to go with the rad named suspensions and whatnot.

TheFiveDays said...

You always make me laugh! Saben is are going to have an AWESOME car! And way to go with the stall number!! That'll come in handy... :)

Jen said...

This made me giggle.