Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My favorite meal

I start by making a double batch of carrot soup. Freeze 2/3 of it in two separate containers for other nights and eat the rest for dinner. The ingredients are so simple, three meals worth cost less than $10. (as long as you buy the tomatoes on sale or use canned ones)

The I went to our local meat & cheese store. I am IN LOVE with Old World Deli. (don't tell Kyle) I got 4-5 slices of 3 meats (toscano salami, coppa americana, etc) and two chunks of cheese for $6.50. He forgot to charge me for the olives, which are the fabulous castelvetrano sort. Out of this world. So maybe $8 for my meat, cheese & olives, or less if you buy the slightly cheaper meats. (I splurged on some gourmet varieties) Enjoy with bread & wine, or if you are crazy like me, try making homemade crackers. They are delish.

So fabulous gourmet meal for two for only $10-$15. Not too bad.

Unless your sweet daughter decides she is REALLY into gourmet brie and expensive castelvetrano olives. Much tastier than carrot soup. I tried to convince her that the earthy sweetness of the carrots is a perfect match to the salty cheeses, but she didn't buy it.
Then off to the couch for pouty faces with Daddy

Saben was with his grandparents for the last two nights and we loved spending time alone with our sweet daughter. I really love spending one on one time with both kids and wish we did it more often.

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Andrea Elliott said...

That is absolutely my favorite meal as well! In fact, I had a very similar meal for lunch today :). YUM!