Monday, January 26, 2009

Lately, I've felt so overwhelmed trying to capture the kids personality in this blog. I should just make myself write every day so I get some of it down. It's one thing to record the antics of one 18 month old (saben when I first started), but quite a another to capture the delights of a sweet but stubborn almost 4 year old and the capers of his crazy opposite 18 month old sister.

It doesn't help that I feel the moments scurrying past so quickly - my youngest who is not a baby anymore and my oldest who is finally a true child. Both are entering new stages at the same time and it can be so overwhelming, exciting and nostalgic.

Annika - 18 months

Loves playing outside, getting filthy dirty, running, jumping, sliding and never seems to get cold, even when she is waist deep in puget sound in 30 degree weather.

Fearless, even when she is waist deep in puget sound in 30 degree weather or up to her neck in a swimming pool. Loves jumping off things into our arms, going down huge fast slides and climbing on rocks. LOVES splashing in water (see puget sound escapade above).

Extreme ups and downs - 75% of the time she is laughing & giggling, but that 25% where she is mad - watch out, she screams, cries and stubbornly does not stop until you do what she wants

Is observant, curious and exploratory. She talks less than her brother did, but you can tell she is paying attention and figuring everything out. She understands a ton and loves doing what you ask her to do (go get your socks annika!).

Her first words are barely understandable, but include: Cheese, all done, more, no, "ssss" for saben, dog, cat, eyes, ears, hair, hand, etc.

Eats quickly, makes a huge mess & then plays in her food as soon as she is full. Loves cheese, beans, yogurt, bananas. (fruit, protein & some veggies) Doesn't really like bread, cereal, etc. (carbs) unless it is sweet.

Finally loves books - especially the ones with real life photos. More on those books later...someday.

Saben - almost 4
Still loves rockets & planets.

Could sit and create art for hours on end. Loves to cut, decorate things, use his glitter glue. It is his very favorite thing to do.

Likes to make us laugh and would be in heaven if he had our undivided attention all the time. (he tries to get it by being silly, naughty, etc)

Will talk non-stop for 30+ minutes, without any encouragement. Especially tends to do this to people he doesn't know. Likes to "teach" people things that he knows about planets, etc. His voice changes when he does this, probably to mimic how I talk when I teach him things. Adorable.

Can write most of his letters, but doesn't really read yet, except for a few words like his name. Loves being intellectually stimulated, but rebels against it sometimes too.

Loves the shows "blues clues" and "super why" and the movie "cars". His favorite music is from the Cars movie.

Makes aggressive noises to keep kids/annika away from his toys. Likes to play hit/sword fight/wrestle and other testosterone releasing physical activities.

Generally well behaved, but extremely rebellious at other times. Seems to help to offer him "choices" so he feels in control and give him lots of attention (pre-emptively before he acts up).

Hates being cold, always wants to stay home, inside. But loves it once we get out of the house. Has been very reluctant to have me leave him places lately - mops, sunday school, haggens child care. But still loves preschool.

LOVES playing with friends, especially Simon & preschool.

Finally is starting to "eat what we eat" at dinner time, but still a struggle to get him to eat enough and try new foods. Slowly but surely..... Encouragement & small steps worked ten times better with him than threats or hardballing him. (we tried everything!)


TheFiveDays said...

What nice updates! I know, it is SO tough to sit down and try to describe your kids in a paragraph or two. And yet you want to do it so that you don't forget! You did a great job though...I've never met Annika or Saben but I feel like I have from your descriptions. :)

So glad to hear that Saben is eating better...what a relief!

Shauna said...

Great stuff here. Looks like I have a fun time ahead...I'm sure some (most) of that rebellious side is from our side of the family..........